Lepi Enterprises Environmental Remediation Construction Services Zanesville Ohio

We have a unique employment opportunity for the summer of 2020!

Lepi Enterprises is currently under contract to do a large amount of interior demolition, which does not involve asbestos abatement.

We are looking to hire between 80 to 100 laborers to start a project on six buildings in one local location beginning on May 18th that will last for at least three weeks. This project will involve moving furniture (desks, chairs, shelves, carpeting, etc.) as well as wall and ceiling demolition and more.

This is a great opportunity for high school (of legal employment age) and college students to earn money while still having time for the rest of their summer available.

Our interview process and hiring process has begun with the work to begin on May 18, 2020. Submit your personal information below or contact Brad Hauser in our office at 740-453-2980 / bhauser@lepienterprises.com.

Please note: we will also be hiring carpenters and abatement personnel.

*If you are interested in a long-term employment opportunity you will have the option to get abatement training.
**We are always interested in good people to join our team, if after the three week contract, we are impressed by someone who would like to stay on through the end of summer we will be happy to review.

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Lepi Enterprises is a "Family” owned business with “Family” values. We are looking for good people to work with us. When you work for Lepi Enterprises, Inc. you are treated with respect and become a part of the business family.