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a few words about us

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Lepi Enterprises, Inc. is a family owned business located in southeastern Ohio.

Albert Lepi started in the general construction business back in 1945. In 1982, he, along with his three sons, James, Michael, & Jeffrey, began doing asbestos removal and other environmental projects as Lepi Construction Company (LCC). In 1986, Lepi Enterprises, Inc. was formed with the primary purpose of doing asbestos and environmental work. Lepi Enterprises, Inc. was one of the first five licensed asbestos abatement contractors in the state of Ohio. Working in the environmental field under the same name since 1986 shows not only success but makes a statement that we strive to do things the right way. Lepi Enterprises, Inc. has since developed and expanded its services to include lead, mold, mercury and high quality general construction services. Our highly dedicated, trained personnel strive to uphold the family name and the integrity instilled by its founder.

Albert Lepi passed away in 2006 but the values he instilled in his business lives on through his sons and current dedicated employees. In 1991 Lepi Enterprises, Inc. was named 51st in the nation as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Today we continue to grow and solve our client's problems and needs.

Our mission

Many public, industrial, commercial and residential facility owners and managers have chosen our company to address their environmental problems.

Providing solutions to any and all environmental and construction challenges in one stop has always been our goal. Pursuing this goal has led us from asbestos and lead abatement to renovating historic structures, responding to emergency cleanup and construction after fire damage including mold and mildew problems associated with moisture to finally designing and constructing new facilities.

In the event you have a unique challenge.

We can and will research proper techniques and efficient procedures for any environmental or construction problem you may face as a facility owner, manager or as a homeowner.

We believe effective communications is a primary requirement in any successful construction project.

We pledge to make open and honest communications a top priority when you choose to work with us.

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why choose us

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    Should be a buzzword, but is often ignored and unexpected in the business arena. We believe trust fosters respect. Over the years our aim has been to build relationships with employees and partners whom we could rely on to serve our company in a way that would ultimately serve our customers better than our competitors. Hard work and this ideal of trust have developed many rewarding relationships. We would like the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to integrity by solving your next environmental or construction challenge.

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    It is the key to favorable pricing. We take great pride in having developed what we feel to be safe and efficient work practices. We believe that our clients have realized many benefits in both time and cost savings from these efficiencies.

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    Continued Improvement

    In our efforts toward continued improvement we have adopted the following goals.

    • To continue to demonstrate that job-site safety is our number one priority.
    • To utilize preparedness and efficient practices to provide optimum value for our customers.
    • To attract and retain the finest employees and partners.
    • To utilize the latest and best technology in an effort to minimize employee exposure to hazards and to maximize efficiency.
    • To conduct ourselves in a way that fosters trust and respect with all those we encounter in our business and personal activities.

Customer Testimonials

“On behalf of the citizens of the City of Columbus we are pleased to acknowledge Lepi Enterprises, Inc. for outstanding contributions to the City of Columbus. We commend you and express our appreciation for your dedicated efforts in our society. With your continued support, I am sure we will make Columbus the best city in the nation in which to live, work and raise a family. May God bless you with continued success in every endeavor.”

Michael B. Coleman
Mayor of Columbus

“As you know, a fire broke out at Northland High School during the pre-dawn hours of December 20th. As a result of the long hours and hard work that your firm and other district staff put into the recovery efforts, the school opened for classes only two weeks later! I am pleased to commend and thank you for your firm’s quick response and diligent efforts that enabled the education of 1,250 high school students to continue with little disruption.”

Donald M. Hayden, JR.
Chief Operations Officer
Columbus Public Schools

“I want to thank you for the effort that Lepi Enterprises put forth during abatement project at the Sheriff’s Administrative Office in Montgomery County, Ohio. Montgomery County Public Works had a very aggressive schedule laid out for the project and Lepi Enterprises was able to complete the project on time and without any change order requests.”

David Ricks
Montgomery County

“Without your help and effort, beyond the call of duty, we would never have completed all of our work prior to the start of school. You will never know how truly grateful we are.”

Rodney D. Russell
New Knoxville Local School

“I want to congratulate you and your firm, Lepi Enterprises, Inc., on a successful year and being selected as a Centennial Contractors’ Quality Award winning firm.”

W.M. Sweetster, JR. P.E.M
Centennial Contractors Enterprises, INC.

“As a contractor doing the job right the first time, every time, you have made our customers very happy.”

Shannon J. Fitzhugh
Project General Manager
Senior Site Representative

Looking to work for Lepi Enterprises?

Lepi Enterprises is a "Family” owned business with “Family” values. We are looking for good people to work with us. When you work for Lepi Enterprises, Inc. you are treated with respect and become a part of the business family. Apply Today!