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Lepi Enterprises Construction Services

Lepi Enterprises, Inc. can assist you in all aspects of your pre-renovation and pre-demolition environmental testing, environmental abatement, (Asbestos, Lead, Mold, PCB, Mercury), and include development, design and final construction.

Lepi Enterprises general construction background dates back to 1945 when Albert Lepi founded his construction business in Zanesville, Ohio.

Since 1986 Lepi Enterprises, Inc. has been involved in many significant construction projects including: Commercial Construction, Medical Construction, Industrial Construction, Educational Construction, Church Construction, Historical Restoration, Private Construction and Residential Construction. Learn more about our construction services below.

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Commerical Construction

Lepi Enterprises commerical contstruction building residential banking centers shopping malls stores

Lepi Enterprises has a diverse and skilled team to meet your commercial construction needs.

Lepi Enterprises offers comprehensive commercial construction services for your business. From retail facilities, office buildings, commerce complexes or banking centers we can take your initial vision all the way to execution swiftly and flawlessly.

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Medical Construction

Gastroenterology Zanesville Ohio New Medical Construction.jpg

Building and updating medical facilities to meet today's needs and the challenges that tomorrow brings

Lepi Enterprises has the capability to build a brand new medical facility or completely update your current medical complex. We are committed to bringing the patients and doctors of the surrounding community a modern and functional doctor’s office, clinic or hospital.

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Industrial Construction

Testing for Asbestos, Asbestos Material Studies, Pre-renovation & Pre-demolition, Air quality test

Large scale industrial plant renovations and maintenance

Lepi Enterprises offers restoration, renovation and maintenance services to our industrial clients. We pride ourselves in paying attention to every detail of any environmental concerns you may have.

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Public Construction

Public Construction Historic Restoration Marion County Court House

Lepi Enterprises delivers public construction services to local and state constituents.

Lepi Enterprises provides public construction services to local and state leaders for residents to enjoy and use. Making the lives of citizens more enjoyable through our facilities is of great importance to our company.

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Educational Construction

Educational construction, building, remodeling, offices

Lepi Enterprises offers our complete educational construction services as well as our renovations and additions to existing structure capabilities to local school districts as well as universities.

Lepi Enterprises brings modern learning facilities to our future generation, the students of today. We can take your current facility and turn it into a state-of-the-art learning center. From K-12 private or public schools to colleges and universities, all of your needs will be taken into consideration while following your financial plan.

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Church Construction

Church Renovation, Fire Restoration, Expansion, Planning, Construction

Lepi Enterprises can assist your church with new site development, structural modification of existing sacred architecture or fire restoration services

Lepi Enterprises offers restoration, modification and new site development for sacred structures. We take great pride in safeguarding your beliefs through spiritual architecture.

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Historical Construction

historical restoration sponge blast charleston wv

Lepi Enterprises will help you choose an appropriate treatment for your historic building by utilizing one or more of the following: preservation, rehabilitation, restoration or reconstruction.

Lepi Enterprises takes pride in our historical restoration services. We strive to take your piece of history and update it as needed while keeping both historical significance and environmental factors in mind.

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Private Construction

private construction mold remediation footer drains

Lepi Enterprises projects include new construction and renovations for private organizations such as the American Legion and the Fraternal Order of Eagles.

Lepi Enterprises offers private construction and renovation services to clubs and organizations. From building a new gathering place to renovating your historically significant structure our skilled staff will efficiently have your meeting place or clubhouse complete for your members to utilize and enjoy.

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Residential Construction

residential construction built to spec code multi tenant structures

We have the right team to meet your residential construction needs.

Lepi Enterprises offers a wide range of services for our residential customers. From fire and historical restoration to new construction of homes, condominiums and apartments we take care in bringing you exactly what you want while following all local and state building codes and taking into consideration any environmental issues that may arise during construction.

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