Lepi Enterprises Environmental Remediation Construction Services Zanesville Ohio

Northside Pharmacy

Demolition, New Construction, Parking lots
Zanesville, Ohio

This Design-Build project was completed in early 2022, a 4,256 square foot single story retail pharmacy and clinic. The project was just beginning when the pandemic supply chain issues began affecting construction products availability. We were forced to re-design a couple critical elements just to be able to continue construction when original designed products became “unavailable” for at least another year.


APG Architects

Project Team

Jim Lepi - CEO
Brian King - Chief Estimator
Jared Lepi - CFO
Megan Shaw - Project Admin
Kari Kessler - Project Superintendent
Jeff Miller - Project Manager

/img/Northside Pharmacy Zanesville Ohio TN

/img/Northside Pharmacy Zanesville Ohio 1

/img/Northside Pharmacy Zanesville Ohio 2

/img/Northside Pharmacy Zanesville Ohio 3

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