Lepi Enterprises Environmental Remediation Construction Services Zanesville Ohio

Licking County Courthouse

Newark, Ohio

Lepi Enterprises Inc. was hired to do the exterior restoration on the Courthouse clock tower because of our unique methods and restoration equipment. The same equipment was used to restore the Capitol building in Washington DC and we are one of the only contractors in this area that has this technology. This project demonstrates our ability to create a safe working environment without affection the community while we work.


Wachtel & McAnally

Project Team

Jim Lepi - CEO
Brad Bumpus - Chief Estimator
Scott Lepi - Project Manager
Mark Sheets - Project Superintendent

/img/Licking County Courthouse Newark Ohio 1

/img/Licking County Courthouse Newark Ohio 2

/img/Licking County Courthouse Newark Ohio 3

/img/Licking County Courthouse Newark Ohio TN

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